Intention: LET GO with Transformation Bracelet

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Intention:  LET GO with Transformation Bracelet
Intention:  LET GO with Transformation Bracelet

CRYSTAL QUARTZ is the stone for CLARITY.

Crystal Quartz is a master stone; it can bring clarity to your thoughts by stimulating clear thinking. This stone has the ability to enhance and strengthen your thought, bringing with it a greater sense of clarity and balance.

BLUE CORAL is a stone that reduces fear and insecurity.

This stone supports healing in your relationship with your inner child. If you are having trouble understanding your children, then this is the stone for you. Blue coral enables you to be childlike and have fun at play. Blue Coral activates and energizes the throat chakra and the third eye chakra, enhancing communication and psychic awareness.

  • Elastic
  • Genuine gemstone  
  • A natural color variance may occur
  • Available in 18k gold plated
  • Avoid contact with anything containing derivatives of alcohol and sometimes salt
  • To clean the energy of the stones use Rose Oil and a clear intention.

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